We must listen to our bodies. Is your body crying out to you and you are just not listening? Do you allow stress to build up to points where it is effecting your body? If you are breathing, you are going to have stress. That is just a fact and if you are not feeling well, it is possible that the primary cause is stress.

Stress can manifest itself in many different ways in your body and the one thing that is for sure is if you don’t eliminate, reduce, or learn how to deal with your stress, you will be suffering some form of physical alignment related to it.

Infertility – Stress affects our hormones which can make it difficult for a woman to conceive.

Decreased Immune System – During extended periods of increased cortisol, the stress hormone, there can be damage to our white blood cells. And with a decrease in white blood cells our bodies are more susceptible to illness and disease.

Lethargic – With heightened stress, our sleeping and resting often suffer causing the body to not be fully prepared to function in our normally daily activities.

Depression/Sadness – When stress is prevalent in our lives, we are often left feeling hopeless and helpless about current situations. Extended periods of hopelessness and helplessness can increase your risk of depression or depression symptoms. During this period of time you may be more easily angered, fearful, or anxious.

Insomnia – Often when stress is present people will ruminate on their current situations, which can make it difficult for them to sleep.

Poor Memory, Poor Concentration – Stress can cause damage to cells and when brain cells are damaged this can lead to poor retention of memories. Also, it can be as simple as when you are focused on something else it is difficult for us to create a lasting memory of something. Stress also weakens our ability to focus for extended periods of time, therefore decreasing our ability to concentrate.

Symptoms of stress can be relieved. However, as long as the stress is not dealt with properly, the symptoms will persist. May God make your path one without stress, or at least help you learn to cope with the stress you have in a proper way.

Take Care and God Bless You,
Pastor Jason Phillips
Counselor, Royal Palm Christian Counseling