As we discussed last time, life tends to zap your energy, desires, and even at times your smile. We are going to continue discussing ways to put the perspective back in your life and regain that beautiful smile!

Dress for the part you want: Research shows that acting the way you would like to be can have a positive effect on your mood. So, if you wake up feeling down, force yourself to smile and act happy and with a little time your mood should turn around. Also, the effect of your positive mood will lift those around you, creating a happier environment.

Get to know someone new: It has been shown that talking to someone who you are meeting for the first time elevates your mood. This is most likely related to the fact that we all like to make a good first impression. So, introduce yourself to someone today and tell them something interesting about yourself.

Embrace the concept, “It’s not about me”: Often in our lives we get so focused on what we have going on, good and bad, that we miss those around us who need something. Giving a helping hand to someone in need not only lifts them up, but it also gives us a boost in our mood.

Choose your friends carefully: Your mother was correct when she said to be careful who you hang around with because it will be a reflection on you. Negative people are infectious, but positive people can also be infectious. So, the moral is choose positive people to spend time with and they will rub off positively on you…and it will make your mother happy.

Get your body moving: Even small amounts of exercise cause our brains to release neurotransmitters that increase your mood. Tension is also released during exercise leaving you feeling more relaxed and focused. Exercise will also have the long-term effect of helping you be healthier, which is something to be happy about.

External influences make such a huge impact on our moods, which is why it is imperative to focus on the relationships we have and the ones we seek out. Next issue we will again explore ways to enhance our moods, which will allow us to keep searching for that smile.

God Bless You,
Pastor Jason Phillips
Counselor, Royal Palm Christian Counseling