Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do counsel children of all ages.  We have had children who were as young a five that successfully participated in counseling.  Children and teens are always counseled in conjunction with the parents or legal guardians.  We have counselors who are especially trained in dealing with minors.

The most energetic couples we see are those who come here in preparation for marriage.  They usually come in for 4 to 6 sessions.  When they have completed these sessions they receive a certificate that verifies successful completion; with this certificate they will receive a discount when applying for their marriage license.

Yes, we have highly trained and experienced counselors who can help guide people with career questions and choices.  We also provide career testing, resumé help and counseling.

Yes, a consultation appointment is at the same fee as a regular counseling session.  A consultation is often a one-time appointment to receive clarification for issues and see whether the counselor can help answer your questions.

We work on a sliding scale, based on family income.  The range of the sliding scale is $50 – $130 per 55 minute session.  The sliding scale is designed to help people of different income levels to be able to receive help.  You can find details of this scale on our Financial Policy.  Please talk to us if you think you cannot afford the minimum payment.

Yes, evening hours are available throughout the week and we have several locations for your convenience in Naples, Estero, Gateway, Lehigh Acres, and Ft Myers.  Call for more information.

We are willing to take whatever insurance will pay for our services, however, in our experience most insurance companies do not cover Christian counseling as they do secular mental health facilities.  So in order to keep our counseling fees as low as possible, we do not process insurance forms.  If requested, we will give you a receipt for the fees you have paid and/or a written diagnosis.  Some insurance companies will refund you.  Talk to us if you think you can not afford our counseling. We will try to find ways to help.

Yes, we often counsel people who are not Christians.  We counsel all those who request our services.  Please keep in mind that we are a biblically-based counseling center and all the counselors who are employed here are Christians, therefore the advice you receive will come from a Christian perspective.

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