By Les Morgan, D. Min.

We get knocked off course so easily these days. The smallest problem, stress or conflict makes us want to give up on our dreams, commitments and relationships. We give in to discouragement and give up fighting for the things that matter the most.

What ever happened to staying power? The ability to hang in there, fight through the conflict, rise above the stress, overlook the injustice, push through the pain, forgive the grievances and press on until we achieve victory.

When the winds of opposition, disappointment and frustration threaten to blow you over and uproot you, remember the Lord’s challenge: “Let nothing move you” (1 Cor. 15:58).  Lean on God’s power and make up your mind to let nothing move you. Don’t let your emotions move you. Your faith is more important than your feelings. Feelings come and go but true faith is rooted in the facts of God’s word and his word never changes!

Don’t let other people move you. Be strong in your convictions, principles and values in spite of what the world around you says. Remember, as a child of God you were once lost, but now you’re found. The world is lost so don’t listen to its foolish, misguided advice. Jesus said that when the blind lead the blind they both fall into the ditch! You have the light of the Lord in your heart, so don’t let the darkness of the world move you away from the light within you.

Don’t let circumstances move you. Life is hard for all of us at times. God is good to us even when life hurts. Don’t lash out at God — lean on him.

Whatever you face today, let nothing move you!